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The last belt you will ever own - Brown
The last belt you will ever own - Brown

The last belt you will ever own - Brown

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Guarantee: We will restore or replace your belt if anything happens to it, for free. Qualifying details below

If the belt buckle breaks we will replace it with another of the same color and size. If the keep breaks we will replace it with one of the same color. If the snaps break we will replace them.

If you loose weight we will put extra holes in it. If you gain weight we will replace the belt for one that fits of the same color, we will not replace the buckle or keep, just the belt. 

If the belt fades we will dye it the same color that was purchased. 

Any shipping cost for restoration or replacement is the responsibility of the purchaser. We will not replace any part of the belt if it was done intentionally just to get a new belt, don’t cut the belt expecting to get a new one. Only one replacement belt per year. 

Made from 10oz weight thick leather. 1.5 inches wide.

This is a durable, heavy, and thick belt that will last your life time. 

Get your choice of antique brass or nickel buckles. The buckle is detachable, you are able to easily switch out the buckle. 

How to get your belt size: Measure a belt that fits you from the hole you use to where the material ends at the buckle. Measure in inches.