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Motorcycle Windshield Bags

You come to a stop at the light and want to light up your cigar. If you have one of our windshield bags you’re in luck. We make them with magnetic buttons, which are easy to open and close, but strong enough to keep the bag closed while you ride. 

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Ever been riding all day long and need to switch out from dark sunglasses to clear lenses so you can see better at night? It’s easy to do with our bags. 

This bag fits the Indian Scout, click the picture to purchase one. 

If you carry a gun and you don’t like it in your jacket or on your hip as you ride, this is a perfect solution for you. Just check the measurements to make sure it will fit or have one custom made the right size.


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Our bags are made from thick American made Hermann Oak leather. These bags don’t need plastic on the inside to help them keep their shape. They are sturdy and will hold up. You will be able to pass them down as an heirloom. 

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Each one is hand made, even the stitching is done by hand. As with everything we make, you can have one made completely custom. Choose the color of leather, choose the color of stitching, and choose the art. Like getting a tattoo you can choose from our original art or you can send us the art you want. We can make them for any bike that has the brackets needed to mount the bag, we just need the measurements. 

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