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Motorcycle Fender Bibs

Excited to ride, you kick your leg over your bike, accidentally misjudging the distance your boot scratches your fender!!! Fender bibs not only add art and style to your bike, they also protect it. 


Click this picture to order this Skull fender bib. 

Strap your gear to your fender on top of your fender bib to save your paint job. You can also use the fender bib to secure your throw-over saddlebags if you don’t use a rear seat. 

How we make them: 

First we need the measurements. Click the picture below to watch my youtube video on the measurements we need to make your fender bib.

Second, we need the art. Like getting a tattoo you can send us the art you want, give us an idea and we will make something for you, or you can choose from our original art. We can do the official logo of your club or organization, we will need the organizations permission to recreate the art, an email from the organization will be enough for our records.

Click the picture above to see the original art available or order a custom fender bib.

We start with thick 10-11oz vegetable tanned Hermann Oak leather which is made in the USA from American cows. If you’re going to eat the cow you should not waste its hide. We cut it the size and shape you want it to be in our cutting room.

Click the picture above to watch how we cut our leather. 

Once it’s cut we start hand tooling the art into the leather. Click the picture above to watch a YouTube video of me tooling a fender bib. 

After the art is applied we dye the leather the colors you want it to be. You don’t have to choose the usual black, brown, or tan, we can do blue, red, and just about any other color you want. 

Click the picture above to watch a YouTube video of me dying a fender bib. 

After the art is applied we add a protective layer to protect the leather from fading and from the elements. The end result is a beautiful piece of art that you will be able to pass down as an heirloom to the next generation of riders. Below are some pictures from our happy patrons. Click the picture to order yours.