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Long wallets, billfolds, and trifolds. Cow hide and exotic hides.

Did you know I didn’t want to make wallets? It’s true. I turned down so many orders for wallets because all I wanted to do was motorcycle parts. Then one day I decided to make one for a patron. It was fun. I counted up how many wallets I refused to make and realized that I said no to a lot of money. What an embarrassing poor business decision. 

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This is the second wallet I ever made. I made it for myself. It’s 8 years old and very used. I used to be a Cavalry Scout in the US Army, a time in my life that I look back on with fondness. I can make one custom to honor your military experience, or that of a friend or family member. 

Biker wallets are made differently. First, we start off with leather that will last a long time and stand up to the elements. If you get caught in the rain, the wallet shouldn’t be affected and fall apart. We stitch everything together. We don’t glue it together because with the heat and rain during riding, the glue will wear out and the wallet will fall apart.

They are generally made as long wallets to avoid folded money, which makes the wallet bulkier. Bikers sit a long time on their bikes, and the last thing you need is a bulky wallet making your seat uncomfortable. 

Chains are also a necessity. One time riding from Clarksville, Tennessee to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, a good 4 hour trip, I felt something flapping at my side. I reached down to grab it. It was my wallet hanging on with the chain. Yeah, chains can look cool, but on a long trip when you’re squirming in your seat because your butt hurts, the wallet can slip out. At that point, the chain isn’t about looking cool, it’s about saving your cash, cards, and I.D.  

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Old Glory, a wallet like the one above, was the third wallet I ever made. I was sitting in my shop wondering what kind of art bikers would want on their wallet. We are a very patriotic bunch of people. This is my best seller and I love that fact. 

Not only can you have the art customized, you can choose the color of liner you want. We have different colors listed, but if you don’t see the color you want, let us know and we will get it for you. 

Click the picture above for billfolds. 

We do make billfolds too. Just like our long wallets, everything is customizable. Let us know what art you want, color, the color of liner, even the color of stitching. One of our patrons sent us a picture of his dog and we were able to put it on a wallet. My wife made that wallet above with the dog. She’s really good at the art. 

Click the picture above for trifold wallets.

Yes, we make trifold wallets too. You can also choose the art, the color of the liner, and stitching you want. 

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We love making exotic leather wallets!! We have used elephant, hippo, alligator, python, and stingray. No one has asked for ostrich or lizard yet, but we’d love to make one for you. The alligator and python we can dye in different colors. The hippo and elephant come in cognac and black only. The stingray, when in season, we can get in a lot of different colors. Just let us know which color you want and we will hunt it down for you. The black stingray is very common, we can get it year round.

To order an alligator rectum wallet click the picture above. 

The alligator rectum wallet is my favorite of all the alligator wallets. It’s a conversation starter and definitely a whimsical piece. We can only make one per hide and it always sells quickly. The rectum on the wallet above is lined with red python. 

Click the picture above to order an exotic leather billfold.

Yes, we can make exotic leather billfolds and trifolds. I’ve never made an exotic leather trifold but I’d love to. Just let me know the hide, color, and color of stitching you want. 

To watch a YouTube video we made showing the functionality of our wallets click the picture above.