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Motorcycle Handlebar Bags

Like our Windshield Bags, our Handlebar Bags face you while you ride. They are made with magnetic snap closures so you can reach into the bag easily. 

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If you’re stopped at a red light, and need to reach in your bag for a cigar, to change from shaded to clear lens eye protection, or get your gun, it is really easy to do with our bag because of the magnetic closure. 

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We make them out of Hermann Oak leather, which is made in the USA from American cows. I always say that if you’re going to eat the cow, you should use its hide. Waste not want not. The leather is thick, 10-11oz, no need for a plastic liner like the cheap bags use to make it keep its shape. These bags will maintain their shape. 

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Each is hand made!! You can order one of our original designs or you can send us the measurements you need and we will make one custom for you. T-bars or ape hangers, we just need to put the straps in a different location to accommodate the style of bars you have.

You can also choose the color of leather, from traditional black and brown to red, blue or green. Like getting a tattoo you can even send us the art you want. We can do just about anything. You can even choose the color of stitching we use. Make it yours, totally one of a kind. 

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You can also have art applied to the back of the bag. 


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