All orders are backed up about 8 weeks. Order now to reserve your place in line. With the exception of the items in the "Ships Now" collection which will ship on the next business day.

Frequently asked questions

Can you do custom art? Yes! We love it when our patrons send us art they want on the leather. If our skills match what you want we will do it. We will not do anything racist, with cuss words, nudity or that goes against our personal beliefs. If I feel like I need to hid the art from my daughters seeing it, I will not do it. Contact us before ordering.  

Can you do motorcycle club art? Yes! We do require permission in writing from a club officer stating we have permission to do the club art. 

Can you make something to fit my bike or the size I need? Yes! We can make custom items made to your specifications. We may need you to send us a template, most people use cardboard or poster board cut the size and shape needed. For some items we can send you a template that you will need to modify to fit your bike and send it back to us. Contact us before ordering  

What is your return policy? If the item we made was not to the specification you sent us or is faulty we will replace it for free. If you sent us the wrong measurements, the wrong art, or if your instructions were not clear, we will fix it but at an extra charge, the charge will depend on the item and what needs to be fixed. If you change you mind and don’t want the item anymore we will not accept a return once we have started cutting the leather. Since everything is custom there is no guarantee we can sell it to someone else, be sure to make up you mind before ordering.

Can you do different colors? Yes! We get the leather in raw with no dye, we dye it the color or colors you want. 

Can you ship overseas? Yes! We can ship to any country that accepts parcels from the USA. 

When will my order ship? Our current lead time is at the top of every page of the website. Once we start on the order we will send you an email notification, and a second one when it ships with the tracking number.

What is your current lead time? The current lead time is at the top of every page of the website.

Do you have anything in stock? Yes! Check out the “ships now” collection, only the items in that collection are pre made and they will ship the next business day after ordering.

What are your hours of operation? We are closed every Sunday and most federal holidays. The best time to reach us is after 11:00am and before 9:00pm

Where are you located? Forged Glory is located on our property in Nixa Missouri. We do not have a store front. If you want to meet or speak in person you must contact us and make an appointment. We generally meet people at our local motorcycle dealerships or at the local police station that has a safe place for exchanges. 

Why does my leather have marks? Cows have scars, just like humans, accidents happen during our lives. Many companies use a coating of plastic over the leather to hide the scars, ever had leather that cracked, or peeled? That’s why.

To us at Forged Glory the scars add character to the pieces we make. We do use American made leather from American cows so there won’t be any brands burnt into the leather but you might find scars from accidents or bug bites that happened in their life.