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Veterans and motorcycles.

Veterans and motorcycles. There is something about being a veteran and riding a motorcycle. Maybe it’s seeking the thrill of combat, that brings a lot of us to the thrill of riding. Maybe it’s the therapeutic results of getting on the bike, being in nature, and quiet time without the noise of life. For every veteran there’s a different reason to ride, but riding a motorcycle is very common among veterans. 

I served in the Army as a Cavalry Scout. I loved my job, it was very fulfilling to serve others. Like most veterans I find it awkward when people thank me for my service. I stumble to find the words for a reply. One of my Drill Sergeants suggested that we say, “It was a pleasure to serve our country”, I really liked that reply and I have used it many times, because it’s true for me, I loved serving. 

The most popular art requested is military and patriotic art. I’ve done art for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, but no one has ever requested anything for the Coast Guard or Space Force yet. I hope to make something for them too. Here are some of the military themed items I’ve made over the years. 

Marine Corps art is the most requested of all the services. Their iconic symbol is awesome. My favorite between the services though I was in the Army. 

Heat shield for the Indian challenger.

Every Day Carry Tray for the Air Force. 

Frame emblems for the Indian Scout. 

Grip covers for the Navy. 

Rear Crash Bar Bag for Indian Motorcycles with Infantry Cross Rifles. 

Heat shield for Indian Motorcycles for a retired Air Force Veteran. 

Marine Corps vest extenders. 

Leather covered helmet with Army Explosive Ordinance Disposal Badge (EOD)

Navy Tank Bib for the Indian Challenger. 

Fender bib for Army Ordinance Corps.

Indian scout heat shield for an Airborne Infantryman who became a Chief Warrant Officer.

I love getting pictures from my patrons!! 

Billfold for the Prisoners of War. 

Just about everything I’ve made has been made with Old Glory. I love how patriotic my patrons are. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.