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Ball peen hammer carrier/holster

Bikers and the ball peen hammer have a long history together. 


Brown and black carrier, this is the one I carry on my bike. Click on the picture to order one.


Self defense, as of 1968 convicted felons in the USA aren’t allowed to posses firearms, leaving them defenseless. It’s an old legend that bikers carry these hammers on their bike for self defense. Kind of like a get back whip a hammer against a gun is pretty useless but it became somewhat of a legend. 

All black carrier. Click on the picture to order. 


Club regalia, a lot of motorcycle clubs have something they carry as part of their style or insignia. I have been told that one club carry’s them for that reason. A symbol of industry, work and strength, you can understand why these mainly blue collar men would like that symbolism.


Black with 15, different colored stitching is available. Click the picture above to order. 


Style, some bikers carry them on their bike as decoration. Maybe they work in a trade that uses them. Maybe the hammer was a gift or belonged to a beloved patriarch of their family. Whatever the reason, bikers decorate their bikes with a lot of different things. Just look at a lot of veterans bikes, you’ll find some have decorations honoring their service.


Ball peen hammer carrier with skull. Click on the picture to order. 


Whatever reason you have for carrying a hammer on your bike, it has become a very popular item in my shop. You can have one made in just about any color, with the color of stitching of your choice and with just about any art you want. Kind of like getting a tattoo, just tell us how you want it, and we will make it happen. The carrier holds a 24oz hammer and is handmade of thick American made leather. Click the picture above to custom order a carrier.


Watch this YouTube video showing how the ball peen hammer comes out of the carrier easily, just unsnap the button and pull it out with one hand. Click the picture above to watch.