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The last belt you will ever own, and exotic leather belts

You buy a belt and see it says “genuine leather” but after a while it comes apart. The inside of the belt was some cheap leather and the outside was two pieces of vinyl glued together. Once the glue wears out, the belt comes apart. That’s what I show in the YouTube video below. My belts aren’t made like that and we offer free restoration or replacement on “The last belt you will ever buy.”

Click the picture above to watch a YouTube video about belt quality. 

As it shows in the cringy video above that I made about 2 years ago, (I will never be a social media influencer) my “the last belt you will ever buy” belts are made from a single piece of 10-11oz thick leather. 

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Our belts are completely hand made. We cut the leather by hand. It is dyed by hand, and the holes are punched by hand with a hole punch and hammer. I’ve had plenty of bruises where I missed the hole punch and hit my hand. It probably hurt my pride more than my hand. 

To order a black belt click the picture above. 

We can put just about any art on our cow hide belts: your name, club, organization, military insignia, and just about anything else you can think of. 

To order a custom belt click the picture above. 

Here are the terms for the guarantee on “The last belt you will ever buy.”

Guarantee: We will restore or replace your belt if anything happens to it for free. Qualifying details below:

If the belt buckle breaks we will replace it with another of the same color and size. If the keep breaks we will replace it with one of the same color. If the snaps break we will replace them.

If you lose weight we will put extra holes in it. If you gain weight we will replace the belt for one that fits of the same color. We will not replace the buckle or keep, just the belt. 

If the belt fades we will dye it the same color that was purchased. 

Any shipping cost for restoration or replacement is the responsibility of the purchaser. We will not replace any part of the belt if it was damaged intentionally just to get a new belt. Don’t cut the belt expecting to get a new one. We will only replace the belt once per year.

Click the picture above to build an alligator belt.

Of course we can do exotic leather belts too; alligator, elephant, stingray, python, and hippo to name a few. You can even choose the color of the exotic hide and the color of stitching. Just let us know which hide and the colors you want  

Exotic hide belts are made with the hide glued and sewn onto cow hide for added strength. We hand stitch them using a saddle stitch method. Unlike a machine stitch, if you accidentally cut one stitch, the whole thing won’t fall apart. We do not offer free replacement on the exotic leather belts, but we do offer the same guarantee that is offered on all our products: free restoration, and free of manufacturing flaws. 

I’d love to make a belt for you. Contact us and let us know what you want, or order one of our original designs.