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About Us

Forged Glory, established in 2014, is an LLC, run by Carlo Lorge.

Located in Nixa Missouri.

Everything is hand made. All leather is cut with scissors. All art is hand drawn and carved on the leather. All stitching is done by hand with needle and thread. All snaps and grommets are placed with hammer and anvil. All dye and stains are applied by hand. 

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us with your idea and I’ll send you a quote. I can make just about anything, and put just about any art you want on our products.

How it all started. I got a motorcycle and wanted to put some bags on it. To use the bags offered at the dealership I would have to modify my bike, they didn’t have bags that fit. I made my own along with a couple other things. When I posted them on Facebook to show off, I got enough orders to pay for everything I bought for my hobby. From there it took off.