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Motorcycle Tool Bags

Motorcycle Tool Bags are a necessity on long distance rides. Especially on older bikes.

Back in the day you didn’t travel in a car or on a motorcycle without some tools. You never knew if you were going to break down in the middle of nowhere. Dealerships, repair shops and tow trucks weren’t always readily available. People didn’t have cell phones so you couldn’t just google the nearest resource for help or call a friend with a trailer. You had to bring everything you might need just in case you broke down.

Contents of tool bags have changed over the years. The usual can of oil, and wrenches are now being accompanied with electrical tape, zip ties and cell phone chargers. 

This is the first tool bag I ever made. It went on my Harley Davidson Iron 883 Sportster. I loved riding that thing, it was my first bike. The signature blotchy look of my first items were done by mistake, but a lot of people liked the look so I kept recreating it. 

Custom art, or no art. We can put just about any art you want on the tool bags we make. Just send us an email or text with the art you want. 

We can make them any size you want to fit your needs. Our regular size, two chopper style sizes and oversized are the most popular. You can tell us the dimensions you need, we will tailor it to fit it to your bike. 

Made in the usa by hand. We use thick 10-11oz Herman Oak leather which is tanned in St. Louis Missouri. They use American cows, if you’re going to eat the beef, use the hide too. They are sewn using the saddle stitch method. This hand stitching method is superior, because if one stitch is cut, all the rest will still hold in place. We also use stainless steel buckles and rivets so they won’t rust out in the elements. 

Warranty!! Just like everything else we make, if it ever fades we will restore it for free. You just pay the shipping to and from us. This is the tool bag on my Street Bob, I keep it under a carport in the sun year round. Because I didn’t  take care of it after 7 years it needed some restoration. 

Click on this picture ⬆️ to view my YouTube video on tool bags