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Biker Wallet Chains

Have you ever been riding down the highway and lost your wallet? I almost did. My family and I were on our way to Pigeon Forge Tennessee for vacation. My wife and kids were in the car and I was on my motorcycle. In the middle of nowhere Tennessee I felt something flapping at my side. I reached over to see what it was, it was my wallet. Luckily I had my chain attached or I would have lost it. I didn’t feel it slip out of my back pocket when I changed my seating position to get more comfortable. 

If you need a chain, you might as well get one that looks awesome!!

My everyday carry is the cognac elephant wallet wallet with the “Dead Presidents Gold Dollar” wallet chain. This is a hefty heavy chain and I love the look. Made with gold dollar coins and stainless steel rings  

The Byzantine chainmail weave is also a favorite. Matched with the alligator rectum (aka cloaca) wallet, it’s definitely a conversation starter. 

The “Penny Dreadful”, is my second favorite. Made with rings made from copper penny’s and black chainmail links it’s just awesome. Especially paired with this brown alligator with black stingray inlay. The hide had holes from the animals natural life, I decided to make the holes look awesome with the stingray inlay. 

Box weave chainmail chain, paired with the unlucky 13 long wallet. 

Nuts of steel with brass links. Made with black hex nuts and brass chainmail links. Pairs well with the Old Glory billfold, one of our most popular designs. 

The Dead Presidents chain matches well with “The Accident” minimalist alligator wallet. I accidentally spilled some tan dye on my alligator leather and didn’t catch it for a week. But it came out with this color that I could never replicate and looks awesome. I thought others would love the accidental color as much as I do. 

Black regular chain with trifold wallet. We also have regular chains to go with our wallets. Choose from black, chrome, and gunmetal. You can get just about any art you want on our cow hide wallets. 

Keep yourself from losing your wallet, become a harder target for pickpocketers, and look good while doing it, with one of our wallet chains. All chains with chainmail are hand made here in the USA.