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Custom Leather Work Gallery

Want something totally custom that you don’t see anywhere on the website? We can do that!!! 

This patron made me the template for this tank bib, and sent me the art he wanted on it. Using poster board cut into the shape needed we created this piece for his bike. 

Completely custom seat, saddle bags and a whole lot more. As many of you know I don’t do seats, I worked with Dan at Bitchen Stitchen on this project, he did the seat, I made the saddlebags, bedroll, clutch and break lever covers, fork covers and crashbar covers. Saddlebags are the hardest thing to make, but I think they turned out awesome. 


Custom art for Dan. This is a complete departure from the kind of art I usually do. 

Custom heat shield for Captain America. This patron had his seats done by one company and wanted a matching heat shield. I provided the heat shield the other company put their vinyl and their art on it to make sure it was an exact match. It was a fun collaboration. He goes to children's hospitals dressed up to make their day brighter.


Custom Art for Marcus. He contacted us asking to make a matching set, heat shield and bed roll for his Harley Davidson. 

Matching set with dragon flies for Gary. Gary sent me a bunch of pictures of dragon flies and violets to use on the multiple things he wanted. Heat shield, tank bib, fender bib, and hand protectors all done with dragonflies and and violets for his Indian Scout. 

Ann wanted a heat shield and fender bib to match her seat. She had already purchased the heat shield from someone else. She really wanted one with the basket weave pattern that was already on her seat. She asked if I could put the basket weave on it and make a matching fender bib. It is impossible to put art on leather that is already finished so I made a big patch to go over the whole heat shield and sewed it on for her. This was my first time ever doing a basket weave pattern. I practiced on a lot of scrap leather to make sure I did it right. How do you think it turned out? 

Click on this picture ⬆️ for my YouTube video on this bag. Custom sissy bar bags. The brown one is mine. My bike “Adelita” has a Native American theme from the tribes in Mexico and South America. My bag fits on the back of the sissy bar. The other bag fits on the back seat and attaches to the sissy bar. Zipper compartment on top, large compartment in the middle and a small hidden compartment on the bottom. 

Custom trunk bag for Dotri. This is one of those things that I have no idea if I can make it until I make it. Of course if I figure out I can’t make something I’d return the money, take the loss, and lick my wounds. I’m going to make one for my Street Bob “Adelita” in black, with Aztec art on it.

Matching heat shield, tank bib and fender bib for a Harley Davidson. This patron just said she wanted roses on everything I did the best I could, I think it turned out great. 

Matching set for an Indian Motorcycle. Old glory on a heat shield, windshield bag, rear crash bar bag, and bedroll. 

Helmets too!! Someone in a Facebook group asked if I could make a leather covered helmet. I had no idea how to do it but I said I could. The first one I made for myself and totally messed it up, but I figured out how to make them. The second one came out awesome. 

We love completely custom orders! Thats the whole reason I got into making things out of leather.