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Motorcycle Heat Shields and Star Bobber

Star Bobber aka Star Alvarez, on her Indian Scout Bobber with Alligator Print Pouch Heat Shield. Click this picture ⬆️ to go to her social media outlets 

How I got started making heat shields. I was making a lot of leather items for motorcycles, you can imagine the amount of strange request for leather items I get for, ummm, weird leather products that have nothing to do with motorcycles (I’m not kink shaming lol). People kept asking if I made “crotch coolers” I had no idea what they were, but it didn’t sound like something for a motorcycle, so I simply said no. After about the 5th request for one I decided to ask what they were. The person sent me a picture example. I was scared to open the picture at first, hoping there wouldn’t be a picture of a crotch being cooled. I laughed at myself when I finally knew what they were. The patron actually made me a template of one that would fit his Indian Scout. I now sell more heat shields than anything else. 

Click this picture ⬆️ to see my YouTube video on how it was made.

Why do people get heat shields? There are many reasons! 

  • Obviously, to deflect the engine heat away from the rider, is the most common reason. They don’t encapsulate the heat, they just redirect it. 

  • The art. Great way to customize and personalize your bike. Most of my heat shields can have custom art put on them. Kind of like getting a tattoo, you can describe the art you want or send us a picture of the art. 

  • Extra storage space. In some of the heat shields we can put a concealed holster inside the pouch, or you can put anything you need to carry in them.

Indian Roadmaster with Flying Skull Heat Shield.

Did you know they are made by hand? We do not own any sewing machines, laser printers, clickers, presses, or any other machine to help us make them. Our by hand process gives each pice a uniqueness and hand made quality to them. My wife and I make everything, our kids help when they want some allowance money.

We use “A grade”, Hermann Oak vegetable tanned leather, made in the USA from American cows (if you’re going to eat the cow, don’t let its hide go to waste). We use a saddle stitching method so if one stitch is accidentally cut, the rest of the stitches won’t fall apart. Each piece of art is drawn, cut into the leather, tooled, and dyed completely by hand. We don’t use paint!! Paint will eventually flake off. 

It doesn’t matter what you ride! We can make a heat shield for just about any bike. So far we have made them for Harleys, Indians, Hondas and a Kawasaki. We can also make them for just about any model, as of today we even have one in the works for a trike. On our YouTube channel we have a video showing how to take our template and cut it to fit your bike  

We love getting pictures from our patrons! After slapping the leather on your bike, send us a picture of you and your bike. We will feature you on the website and all our social media outlets. Links are below so you can like, follow, subscribe and join us as we strive to become the largest resource for all things Motorcycle. 

Click on this picture ⬆️ to view my YouTube video about “Crotch Coolers”