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Exotic Leather Products Gallery

American alligator, Nile crocodile, caiman alligator, hippo, elephant, python and stingray are the hides we have used to make some of our products. 

Click the picture to watch a YouTube video about this tank bib I made for the Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster.  It is made of Nile crocodile, I mistakenly called it alligator in the video. I absolutely loved this piece and it hurt to mail it off and not keep it for myself, even though I don’t have a Roadmaster. 

American alligator rectum wallet with python inlay. click the picture above to order one. Yes you read that right. Well, it’s actually called the cloaca. It seemed like a waste to thrown this part of the hide away. I knew someone would want it. It’s definitely a whimsical piece and a conversation starter. 

Elephant leather. This is my favorite of the exotic leathers that I use. My wife Roya loves elephants, we have elephant decorations around our house.  My everyday carry is the top left wallet. Cognac, black and Indian tan are the three different colors I have gotten it in. Click on the picture to order a long wallet.


Stingray. The samurai used stingray on the hilt of their swords because when it’s wet, you can still get a good grip. The top right picture is of some brake and clutch lever covers I’ve made. Stingray would be perfect for grip covers and a seat. It comes in many colors. The corset style tank bib has a python inlay. It’s a beautiful hide and comes in many different colors.


Hippopotamus leather. Hippos in the wild gouge each other with their tusk. They do it to show dominance, play, and to protect their territory. Because of this their hides are full of scars and holes. Their hides feel like suede. I have gotten black and brown hides.


Caiman Alligator. This hide is stiff. This type of alligator has bone plates in their skin for armor. My favorite thing I ever made from this hide is the belt, I just need a matching set of boots.


American Alligator.  These hides are soft, supple and flexible. We get them in before they are dyed, we can dye them just about any color you want. We can use any color of thread that’s available. You can have them made to your specifications. Our motto is “the leather, your design and my shop coming together to make awesome products”, we love custom work. Click the picture to have one custom made. 

Python leather. Like the alligator we can dye it any color you want it to be and use any color of thread available. We have made a long wallet, women’s clutch, guitar strap, and minimalist wallet. 

Snitches get stitches wallet. When ever I have some remnants of exotic leather left over I Frankenstein them up into wallets. These two wallets have a little bit of every exotic leather I use.


Click on this picture to watch a YouTube video I made about the different types of alligator leather I use.