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About our Minimalist Wallets

We have a lot of options for minimalist wallets so you can customize one to fit your needs and style. Use them to hold your credit cards and I.D. Cards, or to carry around your business cards  

To view the collection click the picture above. 

Let’s start with the regular cow leather options. 

We use A grade 3-4oz Hermann Oak leather. This leather is made in the USA from American cows. We get it in raw, no dye. We dye the leather in shop so we can make it any color you want. 

To keep with the motto of our shop you can choose the color of the outside of the leather, the color of the inside of the leather and even the color of stitching. Motto: “We are all about the leather, your design, and our shop coming together to make awesome products.” You can choose from our original designs or design something all your own. Just contact us with your ideas. 

Embossed alligator. This is cow leather embossed with alligator scales. It is a beautiful leather, and a lot less expensive than real alligator. 

Real alligator!! This is a beautiful premium leather. We also get it in raw. We can dye it any color you want. 

Stingray leather! Stingray is a seasonal leather. We can generally get black year round. Other colors like the teal pictured above, or red, orange, blue, green, and just about any other color you can imagine are harder to get off season. Let us know what color you’d like yours made and if I can get it in we will. This is not a leather we can dye in shop. Off season different colors might cost a premium. 

My personal favorite is the elephant leather above. We can get it in black or the Cognac color pictured above. We can not dye it in shop. I love this color and the natural pattern of the hide. My everyday carry is an elephant wallet. 

Hippo aka Hiphopanonymous haha!! (Name the movie reference). Pictured above. Hippo leather feels like soft suede and has a lot of scars. In the wild hippos gouge each other with their tusk for play, and to control territory. You can see from the funny picture below just how many scars they have.

Python leather!! We can get it in its natural colors and we can dye it just about any color you want. Let us know what color and the color of stitching you’d like. 

Click on the picture below to watch a YouTube video I made explaining and showing how the minimalist wallets work.