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Biker Bedrolls and “The Aussie & The Indian”

Chris Keeble and her Indian Chief Vintage “Calamity Jane” aka “The Aussie & The Indian”. Linktree to all her connections. Click this picture ⬆️ to go to her social media outlets 

The legend of biker bedrolls. Long trips across the country, no hotels or motels to stay the night, maybe you broke down too far from home, or maybe you showed up to a bonfire in the middle of nowhere and you were too drunk to ride home. In the days before cellphones and modern conveniences at every highway exit, bedrolls were greatly needed to stay warm or to make a lean to tent off your bike. 

I can put just about any art on the bedrolls you like. You can get it with any color of blanket you want.

I met Chris, who has one of my bedrolls & heat shields on her bike, through Facebook, she posted some pics of her and her very interesting bike in a group dedicated to Indian motorcycles. From there I found out that she was on Instagram and did YouTube videos of her rides. I really enjoyed her content and have been following her for years. She is a serious rider, riding across Australia and other countries. Here are some Q&A with “The Aussie & The Indian”.

Chris why did you start rinding motorcycles, what or who was your greatest influence to ride? I started in my early 20's,  stopped to travel thru Europe, got married while in the UK.. and the man I married rode motorbikes.. We came back to Australia to live and start a family, but I really didn’t like being a pillion, so I got my licence and started on small bikes and eventually ended up here.. I did have a 10 break though to raise children.

What do you ride and why did you choose that motorcycle? I currently ride a 2016 Indian Chief Vintage. I love the Indian brand and backstory.. even though this is a new Indian from the current Owners Polaris.. I like that they kept the traditional look. As I’m  a bit of a designer I had a clear vision of what I wanted to create with this Motorbike and the Vintage was the only one who could work. I’ve had many bikes from Honda 250, to Harley Davidsons Sporties to Dynas  to the Softail range.. all great bikes.. but I really do LOVE the Indian bikes.. especially the more old school designs.. Not much of a fan of the new styles though..

What is your favorite rode to ride on in your country, and why is it your favorite? Are there any local mom and pop shops, or biker friendly bars near that road? I know you’ve traveled outside of Australia, what were your favorite roads in those countries. In Australia I do especially love the far south coast of NSW.. its just beautiful with everything you could ask for.. mountains, sea, plains.. I also love the rides in the state of Victoria.. I like the big sweeping bends and rolling hills the best. Love the open country too where I have cows on my left and horses on my right, the smell of methane and roadkill makes me happy. Overseas I have to say there are so Many great rides in USA.. Love Arizona, Sedona areas and also South Dakota.. in 2023 I’m planning a 3-month ride with my partner who rides a Challenger.. we are shipping our bikes over.. so many areas I need to discover.

What inspired you to start making YouTube videos of your travels? At first I wanted to document what I did as a legacy to my granddaughters and daughters. And me too.. as a bit of a diary of my life. But then I saw what others do and started to try and make them more entertaining for the general public.. Plus I do love editing and re living the moments.. Its time consuming but its very satisfying to go back thru the footage and make something that showcases the adventure.

Which video is your favorite? I like my videos where I meet people and give them a makeover.. I love a good before and after, who doesn’t!!!.. I always add a bit of the road ride, points of interest, some historical facts and then of course we meet the local who gets the makeover and the community comes out to play.. I love bringing people together and making them laugh ( I’m a bit of a travelling show now) .. so Videos where I get to do that are my favourite. I want to focus on those more now. I’m in talks with an Australian TV channel about the whole idea.. but TV is a hard nut to crack.. who knows.. I’m still out there doing my thing.

Chris we wish you luck on all your future endeavors!! I can’t wait to meet you in Nashville next year!!  

Click picture to watch a YouTube video showing how I make the bedrolls