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Warranty, refund policy and other policies


We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all leather goods made in shop. Warranty for leather covered helmets only last 5 years since helmet manufacturers agree that helmets need to be replaced every 5 years. For the lifetime of the leather product we will do everything in our power to repair any damage due to material failure or faulty hardware. Depending on the severity of the damage we may deem it necessary for you to replace the product in place of repairing it. In those circumstances you will be notified before we make that decision. If you would prefer to keep the damaged product instead of having it replaced we will return it to you as is. To exercise this warranty we charge non-refundable fee to cover the shipping. Whatever you are charged for the shipping please add the same amount in cash in the package for us to ship it back to you. All work will be done for free. 


Wallet chains, apparel, hardware, and any other products we sell through the online store that are not leather goods are not eligible for the limited lifetime warranty. However, customer service is an important priority for us. Should you feel that a product you received was faulty, damaged, or otherwise of a quality that you feel doesn't meet your expectations contact us. We'll do our best to make sure you're happy with your purchase. Maintaining a high quality product is crucial to us and if there are frequent concerns about a specific product we need to know so that we can take the necessary steps to update our catalog.


Try as we might to make sure you have a great experience with us, mistakes happen. If you feel that a product you purchased was grossly misrepresented, or inherently flawed you may request an exchange of that product. Please give us a chance to make it right. Once we have received the product we may issue a refund via gift card, store credit or in some cases partial or full charge reversal. In all cases please allow us up to 4 weeks to initiate the refund. Depending on Shopify, or the banks involved an additional wait time may occur before your refund is complete. We reserve the right to refuse a refund if we feel that the purchase complaint is fraudulent or abusive.

We do not offer refunds on completely custom items if we followed your specifications. If you sent us the wrong measurements or if you decide against the color or art that you sent us or requested we will not offer a refund or exchange the item. If we didn’t follow your instructions we will make a second one for you free of charge. 

Once the leather is cut for your order we cannot offer a refund. We do not any keep item in stock, we only make what is ordered and only after it is ordered. We are a small mom and pop shop, we might never be able to sell the item you ordered to someone else. Because we are a custom shop people generally want unique items that no one else has, making resale difficult and almost impossible.

Once we have purchased any hardware, or other items needed for your order (like a blanket) we cannot offer a refund. We may not be able to sell the custom items to anyone else. 

We pride ourselves on custom art, each piece is applied completely by hand, there will be slight inconsistencies between each piece of art. It is impossible using hand tools, and paint brushes to make each piece look perfectly alike, this is part of the unique charter and beauty of each piece which shows they are hand made and not mass produced. Refunds will not be issued for these inconsistencies which are inherent in this type of beautiful work. 

Forge Glory is not liable for lost or stolen packages once shipped. Once a package leaves the shop and is in the hands of the Postal Service we don't have control of that shipment. We're happy to get resend any relevant tracking information. You can contact you local police and file a complaint if the item was stolen from your mailbox or property after it was delivered. 

We love doing custom products the size and shape needed to fit your application or art to fit your style and personality. You must first contact us before ordering something custom to make sure we can do it. We reserve the right to refuse to do any thing that we don’t want to do for any reason. We will not do racist or immoral art, cuss words, or art that is lower in quality than our skills that will make people think we aren’t that good.




We only repair products that have been crafted by us. Sorry, we’re far too busy to repair leather goods we didn’t originally craft. That being said, it never hurts to ask. We have a lot of friends in the industry and we might be able to point you to someone who can get the job done.

For Returns send to:

Forged Glory 

c/o Carlo Lorge

200 Great Plains St 

Nixa Missouri 65714


 Art policy 

We reserve the right to reject any art that we do not want to do for any reason we deem fit. We will not do art with vulgarity or cuss words. We will not do art that has nudity, sexuality, or is pornographic in nature. We will not do art that we think is bad or ugly, because it will be a bad reflection of our talent. We will not do art that is copyrighted or trademarked without expressed permission of the legal owner of the art. We will do club art with written permission from the club officer who has club authority to grant permission to reproduce the art.