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For Cindy only

For Cindy only

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First half for Cindy’s bike. This is a custom order for Cindy only. If you’d like us to make you a complete custom order let us know. 

Rear crash bar bags:
2 Arrow head buckles $60
1 cup holder $40

Front crash bar covers with pouches:
2 covers with bronze stitching $130
2 pouches with magnetic closure $80
2 conchos with hand art $60
4 feathers $90

Fender bib:
Bib with no art $70
Suede backing with bronze stitching $45
2 feathers $45
Arrow passenger bolt $140

Tank bib:
Bib with no art $60
Suede backing with bronze stitching $35

Bead work for both fender bib and tank bib:
Bone beads $45
Bronze beads $60
Kangaroo lace $25 (kangaroo lace is the strongest of the leather laces and last the longest)
Labor $60

Free shipping in the USA.

You mentioned paying me for my time to talk about everything that you wanted me to make. When you check out the website will let you add a tip, whatever amount you you’d like to leave as a tip for my time will be appreciated.

Grand total before tip: $1045