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Chamberlains Leather Milk Liniment No. 1 - 6 oz

Chamberlains Leather Milk Liniment No. 1 - 6 oz

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Let’s talk about Leather conditioners.

Chamberlains Leather Milk Liniment No. 1 is our favorite leather conditioner. I love it because it does the job it’s supposed to do and doesn’t make the leather turn a lot darker like other brands.


What does leather conditioner do?

It replenishes the natural oils in the hide that naturally evaporate over time and use. These oils stop the leather from drying out and cracking. It also fills the natural pores in the leather so dirt and grime do not absorb into the leather.


When to apply:

It all depends on the climate you live in and how much you use the leather. The drier the climate and the more the leather is out in the sun, the more you’re going to need. If you live in a desert, and the leather is out in the sun daily you might need to apply a conditioner once every 2-3 months. If you live in a place like Seattle where it’s humid and there’s not a lot of sun you might be able to go a year or two without it. Just before the riding season and after is a good rule of thumb to go by.


How to apply:

Chamberlain’s leather conditioner comes with an applicator pad. Put the conditioner directly on the applicator pad, a little goes a long way. Massage it in with the applicator pad. When you are done wipe off any excess with a dry, soft, no lint rag. Let the leather dry at room temperature out of the sun. We will be making a YouTube video to show how to apply.


What leather can I use it on?

You can use the Chamberlains formula No. 1 on anything from Forged Glory that is made with cow hide. It can be used on non glossy American alligator and crocodile made by Forged Glory. You can use it on your cow leather boots, bags, and jackets of other brands, but we recommend checking with the manufacturer of non Forged Glory items before use. Do not use on the glossy alligator, or other exotic leathers from Forged Glory.