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My love of leather and motorcycles.

It all started in Cub Scouts. One of my leaders brought some leather and leather working tools. He had us make these achievement bead holders. The official Cub Scout holders were plastic and attached to a button on the shirt pocket, ours attached to your belt. From that moment on I was hooked on leather. 

My first leather jacket. I was born to an American father and Mexican mother. We traveled to Mexico to visit my mothers family every year. One year I found this awesome traditional biker leather jacket. It was made of buttery soft leather, I loved that thing, and wore it year round, cold or hot it didn’t matter  

My leather pants. I was inspired by the movie Terminator 2. I found these leather pants while vacationing in France as a teen. Sold to me in this little mens clothing shop by this beautiful French girl in Paris. If I could have understood a word she said I would have bought anything she suggested. It was embarrassing having my mother translate for me, it’s hard to flirt when you have to go through your mother. 

Leather for my motorcycle. My last couple years in the Army I bought a motorcycle, I wanted some saddlebags. Nothing bought in the dealership or online fit without moving the rear lights and paying an extra $100 to have it done. I also wanted some other things made. I contacted a leather worker online and asked for a quote, his price was way to high, so I went out and bought some tools, leather and I made them myself. I didn’t save any money, but I had fun doing it, his prices were reasonable. I posted what I made and instantly got orders from friends and family. It was just a hobby, but after a while I had to make it a business because I started to make enough to the dreaded taxes. 

My goal is to become a resource for all things Motorcycle related. Not just products but free information. Best roads to ride in each state, motorcycle rallies in each state, mom and pop restaurants to eat at in those locations and biker friendly bars. We will also do interviews with your favorite bikers on social media and if you have a good biker story we’d love to hear it and post your story. 

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