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Memorial Day Remember the fallen.

Memorial Day is May 29th this year. It hurts so bad to remember the soldiers I served with that died in combat or later from their wounds, both mental and physical. But I must remember their sacrifice. They did it for me, my family, and you. 

There will be a lot of Memorial Day motorcycle rides this weekend to remember the fallen. Several of my patrons wanted to make sure they would get their orders before the weekend so their bikes would be dressed up for the occasion. 

Many people want to thank veterans on Memorial Day for their service. Any day is a good day to thank a veteran. Memorial Day is a day to think of those who didn’t make it back from war, to remember what they did for you, and why. Every service member has different personal reasons for joining the military, but in the end their service did benefit not only the USA but the world. 

Many patrons of my little shop have ordered things with art to remember the fallen, or their personal service. It makes me both happy and sad to make them. Happy that the service member is being remembered. Sad for the loss of a friend or family member. 

As I remember my friends who died in Iraq and Afghanistan, I get a lump in my throat, which will eventually turn into tears. And from that I will remember that they would want me to be happy and enjoy my freedoms which they provided. So with a heavy and thankful heart I will celebrate their memory. 

Among many others I remember Captain Ellery Ray Wallace. I knew him as Brother Wallace because we got to know each other through church, not through our military service. My friendship with him was brief but he was a good friend. He cared about me, not because he was fulfilling a church leadership assignment, but because he genuinely cared about the people he served. He spent his life serving others.

With smiles and tears we remember the fallen. We enjoy what they provided us. We support and sustain the families they left behind. And we thank God for them and ask that He watch over and bless the families of the fallen. 

In the comments please feel free to post the names of your fallen loved ones and their stories. 


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