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Carlo Lorge reviews motorcycle movies #2 “Warrior”

“Warrior” is actually a Netflix miniseries not a movie, but it’s a good one. 

I truly enjoyed watching this series as I sat at my table working on leather, to fulfill your orders. It’s all about motorcycles, war veterans, motorcycle clubs, loyalty and betrayal. 

Set in Copenhagen Denmark the “Wolves MC” are suspected of trafficking drugs from the Italian Mafia. Police Officer Louise (played by Danica Curcic a Danish actress) ask C.C. (played by Dar Salim of “Covenant” and “Game of Thrones”) To infiltrate the motorcycle club. 

C.C. was a commanding officer in the Danish Army. Under his orders his best friend, who is Louise’s husband, is killed in action. C.C.’s guilt motivates him to accept Louise’s request to infiltrate the club. His guilt also motivates him to watch out for her son. 

C.C.’s skills as a solder and commander are invaluable to the Wolves MC. He quickly rises up the ranks of the club with his skills, in his attempt to help Louise. 

The story is told in 6 episodes which are 46-49 minutes long, on Netflix. If you like gritty crime stories, motorcycles and action you’ll probably like this show as much as I did. I recommend watching it dubbed in English instead of the original in Danish with English subtitles. If you have Netflix you can watch it here.

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