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Carlo Reviews Motorcycle Movies #1: “El Chicano”

I have a tv set up in front of my workbench where I do all my leather work. I know you’re jealous your boss won’t let you do the same, haha!

Usually what’s on is just background noise while I work. But the gems I enjoy most, are motorcycles movies. Some are not very well known, some are so old they’ve passed into obscurity. I hope to share movies with you which I enjoy, maybe you will too. In the comments let me know of motorcycle movies you like that I can watch and tell others about.

I’m starting with “El Chicano”, the motorcycle riding, low budget Batman, from the barrio. I loved this movie. I am reviewing it first because it’s not very well known and I really enjoyed it

Made in 2018, the story follows Diego Hernandez played by Raul Castillo. It has cameos from George Lopez and Emilio Rivera, who played Alvares in “Sons of Anarchy” and “Mayans MC”. As of today January 17th 2023 it is streaming on Hulu.

I identified with the titular character “El Chicano”, which I will admit, probably made me like the movie more than it will others. 

He rides a no nonsense, blacked out, Harley Night Train. It’s nothing but a bike, no bells and whistles. That’s the type of bike I like to ride.

He is a Chicano, and so am I. A Chicano is born in the USA to parent/s born in Mexico. My very white dad served as a missionary in Mexico where he fell in love with my mother. 

El Chicano does leather work. Take a look at the mask he wears! In the story he makes the mask himself to hide his identity. He also modified his riding leathers to hold ballistic plates.

The knife he uses as his signature weapon, is awesome. It’s made of obsidian which can be sharpened razor shape. This type of blade was used for human sacrifices by the Aztecs and in their weapons of war. I have several that I got at tourist traps in Mexico. This knife is said to have the ability to trap the soul of those killed with it, and give their strength to the wielder.

I don’t want to ruin the story by telling you too much about it, so I’ll keep it brief. It’s the origin story of “El Chicano”, a Batman like vigilante from the Mexican ghetto in East Los Angeles. Intertwined with the story of two brothers who are seemingly on opposite sides of the law. 

While I loved this movie, I will warn you that there are some cheesy, cringy moments. The scene where they shoot AK-47’s in the air at a funeral was painful to watch. The over acting felt like a Mexican telenovela or William Shatner on Star Trek.

The over used Mexican cartel bad guy trope is present. Someday I’d like to see a movie about Mexicans that have nothing to do with cartels. 

I give this movie 4 out of 5 round knives (a round knife is a traditional knife used in leather working). As I said above I do admit that I probably liked this movie more because I identified with the character. But without that, I think any biker will enjoy this motorcycle movie. 

I will be reviewing more motorcycle movies. I hope to do one a week, or one bi-weekly. In the comments please let me know of motorcycle movies you’d like to see me review. Movies you’d like to bring to the attention of my patrons and fans. Next I will be reviewing the movie “Mask”. Not the Jim Carrey comedy, the old 1985 movie with motorcycles and Cher. 



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  • Sounds interesting, But I wish somebody would make a movie where the motorcycle used is an Indian motorcycle, I like Harley’s but now that Indian is back it would be nice to see them in the spotlight of the motion picture industry, Harley-Davidson has ruled ever since Indian went bankrupt in 1953, But they are back as the new kid on the block.

    Andy Lone Wolf

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