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About our biker vest and patches

Vest, custom leather patches and vest extenders.

Our patches and vest extenders are made by hand and in our shop. We can put on them just about any art you want. You only need to contact us with your idea and we can do it.

For club related patches we will need written permission from a club officer to do it.

Our vest are made for us using our designs. More designs will be coming soon  

A brief history on biker vest and patches. 

During WW2 patches were sewn on the uniform. These included their rank, special skills, unit, how many years they served, and deployments. With medals and badges the uniform tells the story of the service members  journey. 

Motorcycle clubs at this time were more like racing teams. They wore sweaters with the club name embroidered on them. 

The mix of the club style and military style gave way to what we see on the road today. 

While sweaters were great in the north where Harley Davison was created, it wasn’t great for the hotter southern states. Patches were sewn on button up shirts. The sleeves were cut off the shirts to make it cooler to wear. They were often called rags. 

Jackets were also used and the sleeves were cut off, leather being the most popular because of the protection they provide. With the sleeves cut off they started calling them “cuts”.

Weather or not this style started by clubs or bikers in general is debated. But the vest worn today by club members and non club members often tell the story of the biker.

Patches and pins commemorating rides, rallies, and deeds are some of the common themes. You are also sure to see military badges and patches when bikers are around. 

Whatever the reason you have for wearing a vest, we hope to be the destination where you get yours. 

Remember here at Forged Glory we are all about the leather, your design, and our shop to make awesome custom products.